Oct 18, 2005

Minnis haters want to "spread the love" in Troutdale

According to news stories in USA Today, KATU and even the Advocate online, the national gay Mafia have decided to make Troutdale ground zero for a gay rights battle. They want to kick Karen Minnis to the curb after she took a stand against the civil unions bill that would have allowed same-sex couples to gain most of the benefits of marriage.

The" loving and tolerant" gay rights activists' plans to spread their hatred into Troutdale doesn't surprise me.After all, Basic Rights Oregon is already deeply entrenched on the Multnomah County commission. For example, County Chair Diane Linn's re-election campaign manager is none other than Alisa Simmons, board member of Basic Rights Oregon and chair of BRO's political action committee.

Here's a sample of the gay mafia's stand for "tolerance", something they demand from everyone else:

"One woman bigot crew",
"Bow down bitches, the queen is here,"

And this one, from Gay Rights Watch: "Karen Minnis, I'll just say it: a bitch is a bitch".

I'm supporting Karen Minnis. She strongly supported the decision of Troutdale residents and the rest of Oregon. We said NO to gay marriage via Measure 36. Well done, Karen. I'm with you all the way.


Anonymous said...

Oregon Voters Support Civil Unions

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

Even Basic Rights Oregon doesn't believe most Oregonians support civil unions!!!

If BRO was so sure that most voters support civil unions, why did they FOLD their hand and publicly announce they would not pursue civil unions on the ballot?

Basic Rights Oregon announced Friday, October 7 that it would not work to place a measure seeking civil unions or the anti-discrimination proposal that failed earlier this year in the Oregon legislature on Oregon's 2006 ballot.

So much for those polls, eh?

GayRightsWatch said...

Just for reference... to read more about the destruction of democracy by Minnis, here is a great link:

Gay Rights Watch - Karen Minnis

You also need to understand that there is a HUGE coalition of organizations - INCLUDING republicans that will be working to take Minnis out of office. For you to try and spin it as gay activists being the only ones is simply ridiculous--and you know that.

On the other hand it's nice to know that I am in the gay mafia. If you find your car painted pink tomorrow morning you'll know who did it. Give me a break Robert.

Bryan H.

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

I stand by my post Mr. Harding. I've kept up on the hateful rhetoric on DFO, BRO, and gayrightswatch.com.

You guys accuse others of what you regularly subscribe to- hate speech. Look in the mirror of your own web site.

Your post titles say it all:

"Bow down bitches, the Queen is here"

"Karen Minnis, I'll just say it: a bitch is a bitch"

Let's face it. You guys can't win your civil rights argument on its merits. That's why you resort to the politics of personal destruction, name calling, the use of the terms "homophobe", "bitch", "haters", etc. You guys don't like democracy. You want to stifle debate with those terms. So when you talk about the destruction of democracy, look in the mirror.

The only "huge" organization of coalitions that are attempting to knock off Minnis are the Deaniacs of "Democracy for Oregon" and local and national gay rights groups. Not exactly your moderate, well rounded, diverse and tolerant bunch. But hey, it's politics, and y'all are welcome to give east county your best shot.