Jan 19, 2006

The Important Work Of Stopping Real Terrorists

Apparently the peaceful and non violent environmentalists have a problem with snitches.

From Portland Indymedia, here is some advice for all you comrades. . .

"A discussion of basic movement security and the federal snitch program. With the recent round of arrests of suspected ELFers, it is a good time to remind ourselves of security issues. I am hoping to initiate a discussion on basic movement and covert ops security. I'm sure I can't think of everything, so add your comments if you think you have something useful to share.
Rule number one: Shut the f**k up! Never, ever, ever talk about an action after it has happened. What could be the point? To relive old times? Too risky. The USA PATRIOT Act has removed all "statute of limitations," labeled even our weakest actions "terrorism," and increased sentencing guidelines tenfold. Take your actions back to the earth with you. The FBI would be nowhere in their investigations if no one was talking.

Once in custody, shut the f**k up! Get a lawyer. (If your lawyer advises you that talking will get you a lighter sentence, get a new lawyer.) Don't admit to anything. REFUSE TO SPEAK ABOUT OTHERS. Anyone who watches TV knows (and for those of you who don't) THE POLICE LIE TO GET YOU TO TALK. How basic is that? You can't believe a word they say. They will break every law and civil right on the books to get information. They are motivated by arrests and convictions, not truth and justice, not saving the planet, not being your friend, or even being a respectable cop. They have no shame. They are NOT trying to help you. They DO NOT have the power to make deals, plea bargains or "talk to the judge or DA." They are out to screw you and/or all of your friends.

We cannot let the feds and a few snitches deter our "movement." Instead, we need to learn from our mistakes and get back to the important work of stopping the real eco-terrorists. "

My goodness, the peace loving enviros borrowed a page from OJ Simpson! "Get back to the important work of stopping the real eco-terrorists."

That's what I'd like to see- Tre Arrow and OJ Simpson together on the golf course, looking for murderers and eco-terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

it's sound advice not to talk to the police and to ask for a lawyer.