Mar 8, 2006

Order Your Tram and Beverage Package NOW

A wise man once said, "What, me worry?"

Physicians, stop worrying! Your OHSU tram club membership awaits you!

Your tram ticket is your meal ticket. All Physician Tram Seat Holders will have access, at no additional charge, to complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages during your tram ride. This provides tremendous value to the tram rider and their guest, whether you are hosting a pharmaceutical rep, your golf pro, or even a patient!

In addition to your Physician's Tram and Beverage Package, other amenities include:

Complimentary parking for you at your South Waterfront Office

Doctor's Lounge Beverage Service

First Right of Request for all future Urban Renewal Boondoggles

Concierge Service

Make a wise business decision and call The City of Porland at (503) 823-4000, or visit for more information.

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