Jun 4, 2007

Sirens On Stark: Trouble On The Sandy River

The warm, sunny quiet of our Sunday evening on the patio was interrupted by sirens of emergency vehicles heading east on Stark street. A few minutes later, a life flight helicopter flew above our home. We've seen and heard this many times on warm days. It always means someone was hurt on the Sandy river.

The Gresham Outlook's web site gives the sad details of last night's accident. A 23 year old man visiting from Seattle was injured in a diving accident at Dabney State Park. According to the news story, the man dove into the river from a ten foot ledge into waist deep water. The article said that "according to the Sheriff's office, the area in which Ramos was hurt is a popular swimming and diving area, where authorities regularly investigate accidents, including two fatal incidents last summer."

Our thoughts and prayers are with this man for a speedy recovery. It doesn't sound good. Apparently, he may be paralyzed.

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