Jul 23, 2007

Don't Feel The Burn!?

Tomorrow night's Troutdale City Council meeting agenda is light on topics. Other than some housekeeping items, we will discuss City Council e-mail policy and a possible backyard burn ban.

We're switching to city e-mail addresses for City Council business. Currently, we're all using our personal or work e-mails for city business. Using my personal e-mail for city business has been slightly uncomfortable for me ever since August 2005, when Judge Gayle Nachtigal ordered Beaverton Mayor Rob Drake and City Council President Betty Bode to turn over public record files on their home computers containing keywords relating to Nike and annexation. Remember Nike's lawsuit regarding annexation into Beaverton? If you don't remember, click here.

I have city council-related e-mails on my PC. They're all public records. If, in the future, the city attorney says I have to come up with any, I'll be glad to oblige. But if someone starts requesting city council public records, I'd rather that my city-related e-mails were stored from the city's server and not my home PC.

At the request of the Gresham Fire Department, we're also going to consider a backyard burn ban for Troutdale. (Gresham Fire provides coverage for Troutdale on a contract basis.) I'm not sure this is an issue. I guess we'll hear from Gresham Fire tomorrow night and see what they have to say.

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Anonymous said...

Fir trees make most of the mess here. I guess it is time to get rid of the 50 or so here.