Oct 9, 2007

Questions For House District 49 Candidates

Democrat Nick Kahl has jumped into the primary race for House District 49, which includes Troutdale, Wood Village, Fairview, and parts of Gresham. He joins Troutdale City Councilor Barbara Kyle on the Democrat side of the primary for the seat now held by Republican Karen Minnis, who isn't running for re-election.

After checking the State of Oregon's online system this morning, Kyle and Kahl are the only candidates who have filed for run for HD 49. No Republicans have filed yet.

Councilor Kyle and I serve together on the Troutdale City Council. I've worked with her on other local projects such as Troutdale's Summerfest. But hey, she's a Democrat and I'm a Republican. I'm not making a decision on who to support in this race quite yet.

What do I know about Nick Kahl? Nothing, except for what he's posted on his campaign web site. He's attending Lewis & Clark law school. He's a former staff assistant to Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen.

Regardless of political party, I want to know each candidate's position on the following issues:

Where do you stand on Measure 37/49?

What will you do to help fight the tremendous gang problem in House District 49?

What is your position on tax or fee increases to fund affordable housing?

Would you support the reinstatement of funding for Oregon’s “Big Look” committee for land use regulation reform?

Do you support SB 400’s modification of the criteria for mandatory public safety bargaining on matters relating to staffing levels and safety issues?

Do you support HB2891’s “card check” provisions, or do you support the traditional secret ballot for union elections?

Regarding HJR 15, to you support the repeal of the double majority requirement?


Nicholas said...

You can find my answers here:


Feel free to ask more questions or for clarification. I'll try to reply quickly, but if you get too obscure I will have to research the issue first. These however were already on my radar.

Anonymous said...

Those were intelligent, thorough, and, thoughtful answer, Nick.

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

"Those were intelligent, thorough, and, thoughtful answer, Nick."

It seems that Nick has a fan within Troutdale city government. The "anonymous" comment at 4:33pm came from a city IP address.