Oct 10, 2007

Ski Resort In Troutdale? Plenty Mag Thinks So

"Mass Tram also has its eye on Oregon ski resorts Troutdale and Mt. Hood. Linking the two could be a boon to skiers who have difficulty getting to the slopes when the highway washes out. . ."

Plenty Magazine, the environmentally conscious magazine for global warming hipsters everywhere, featured Mass Tram America's proposed Troutdale Tram in its current issue. I must not be hip enough. I had NO idea there was a ski resort in Troutdale.

Thanks to blog posts here, and here, about the proposed Troutdale Tram, Plenty Magazine called and e-mailed me for comments. Thanks, Plentymag, for quoting me in your article. But where did you get the idea that Troutdale was a ski resort?

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