Jan 13, 2008

Sarah Connor Can Make Pancakes? Who Knew?

"We have to leave, John. . .one hour. Pack one bag, and the guns. I'll make pancakes", Sarah Connor says to her son, future resistance leader John Connor in the opening minutes of "Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles".

Lots of action, a few surprises, and an alternate story line to the Terminator movies. It was enjoyable, if not predictable to watch. I just hope the Sarah Connor Chronicles don't turn into a sort of 21st Century "Lost in Space", or "Voyage To the Bottom Of The Sea". Both of these Irwin Allen 1960's TV sci-fi classics descended- ok they began as- bug-eyed monsters of the week TV series.

In spite of my great admiration of the Terminator movies, I won't want to watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles if it's going to be Terminator Target Practice for one hour a week. However, until Kiefer Sutherland gets out of jail, and until the Hollywood screenwriters return from their strike, and until 24 returns to the TV screen, watching Sarah Connor protect her kid with the help of a teenage "good girl" Terminator should provide an hour of mindless TV fun.

By the way, speaking of that writer's strike, the Mrs. is extremely agitated tonight due to the lack of a real Golden Globes award show. Her last grumpy comment to me not five minutes ago was something along the lines of "Lets boycott all TV and all movies!!!!" I'd be happy to. Until 24 returns, anyway.


RogueandPoet said...

I caught the show tonight too. It has poromise. Frankly I've been quite happy with Science Fiction on the tube of late and this show could rate up there with some of the best.

Brian B said...

I missed it. What I'd like to see the show do is explore the influence of Sarah Connor on John Connor -- how much of the character of the man who becomes the leader of the Human Resistance is learned from the mother who sacrifices everything to protect him?