Mar 3, 2008

"I Hope The Chia Protective Division Doesn't Get Wind Of This"

While cleaning out some boxes in our garage, I found a remnant of my late mother's belongings- a "Chia Mom Diary". There were just two pages, but it reminded me of her playfulness. Here's the diary:

12-24-92 Received gift from world's most wonderful grandchildren.

1-9-93 Removed dear Chia from box and set to soak for 24 hours, likewise Chia seed. Excitement was boundless. I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship. Chia Sara and I have bonded and will be friends forever. I am just a little sad to discover that Sara must be replanted (for new hair) every 3 or 4 weeks. If the truth were known to all, I am really a little jealous. If only I could replant my hair and have new growth.

Sunday 1-10-93 Removed Chia hair from bowl with water and lovingly spread Chia seeds all over her adorable body, being very careful to fill all of the grooves. I am so very excited and love Chia Sara very much.

Monday 1-11-93 Went upstairs to my room and spent quality time with Chia Sara.

Tuesday 1-12-93 I am devastated. I remembered on the way to work you are required to water Chia Sara every day and I neglected to do that yesterday the very first day of planting. I promise to do better from now on and hope the Chia Protective Division does not get wind of this.

Wednesay 1-13-93 Last night I watered Chia Sara and had to bring her downstairs- it is not warm enough in my room. Pooches (the dog) can keep her company while I am away.

Thursday 1-14-93 Moved beloved Chia Sara to the kitchen window- she will get more light and I am certain she felt isolated in the den. I resisted the temptation to spray her little seeds with water and only filled her insides- what a happy carefree twosome we are!! How she has enriched my life.

Friday 1-15-93 Chia Sara still seems happy in the kitchen window. It's nice to see my darling Chia when I come home every night, spend quality time and head petting while cooking dinner and doing dishes.

Saturday 1-16-93 Oh joy of joys Chia Sara is producing a change- something is starting to happen- little gray colorings on her sides- my excitement knows no bounds soon she will be green!

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