Mar 28, 2009

Troutdale City Council Shouldn't Second Guess County's Library Decision

The Troutdale City Council apparently got its feathers ruffled by Multnomah County Commissioner Diane McKeel's recommendation to site a new Troutdale branch of the Multnomah County library in the Cherry Park shopping center. I've heard all the arguments. It was the worst of all options. The County was only supposed to use the Cherry Park site as a bargaining chip when negotiating with other sites and/or developers. The proposed new library is too close to the existing Fairview library. The County didn't listen to the siting committee or other stakeholders. '

For the sake of discussion, let's say all of those arguments are true. Do any of those arguments change the fact that the library is a COUNTY library and not a CITY library? Does it change the fact that the library will be funded by Multnomah County and not the City of Troutdale? Does it change the fact that Troutdale is not the decision maker for anything having to do with Multnomah County libraries?

Our city council should keep its nose out of library siting decisions and put their grindstone to Troutdale's more pressing issues, such as the area's gang problems, Troutdale's impending budget crisis, how to find money to keep Troutdale's roads in good condition, and finding a developer for Troutdale's urban renewal area.

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