Nov 1, 2010

Reflecting on the campaign

Our campaign for Troutdale City Council is now complete. There is little to do now but wait for the election results tomorrow night. The past few months have passed in a blur. Some days I literally could not remember what day it was. Thank goodness for calendars, eh? Anyway, here are a few things I've learned about campaigning in Troutdale.

  • You can't count on the same people to support you from election to election.
  • Troutdale is bigger than you think when you're going door to door.
  • The best ideas come in the middle of the night.
  • People in Troutdale are friendly. Except for the guy who told my wife I'm a "bad guy".
  • It's no fun going door to door in the wind and rain.
  • Everyone in Troutdale has a dog.
  • People think Troutdale City Councilors get paid big dollars.
  • Yard signs are the sacrificial pawns of local campaigns.
  • Coffee is the mother's milk of campaigning.

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