Oct 6, 2011

A sad day in Troutdale. . .

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and neighbors of this sad event. Troutdale police found two bodies inside a home several hours after a man called 911 to report he shot his wife in the house. Oregonlive has the story hereKPTV's coverage here. Oregon Live also has a comment from a nearby neighbor which is worth quoting here:

"When I woke up all I heard was come out of the house with your hands up. At first I thought the police were talking to me and then I thought the police were talking to my neighbors but no they were at the house down the street. So i've been posting FB statuses to humor the situation a little, mainly because I was freaking out, but I want to give update to people who can't see anything...As I was watching The Revenge of the Nerds I heard a HUGE boom and I thought it was a bomb or something after I heard glass shattering. I was like OH CRAP and so I was getting a little bit more scared. But now everything is over. "

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