Nov 9, 2011

Troutdale City Staff Gets Snitty

During the break at last night 's Troutdale city council meeting,  one of the city staffers came over to me and said some city staff didn't appreciate the commentary on this blog. Since her tone of voice was in the snitty range,  I asked if she ever read my blog herself.  She said she was too busy to waste time on the internet.

It is a relief to have a person actually admit they don't know what they're talking about.


MAX Redline said...

Perfect. If they don't believe in the First Amendment, then they shouldn't be drawing paychecks from a (limited) government.

ron w said...

This person needs to be reported to the city manager soonest.
The city government is not meant to be an opponent of a citizen but a helper.

If most people would rather avoid or ignore city regulations or codes there is something wrong at a basic level

the rule among my neighbors seams to be avoid city hall at all costs because if they can screw you out of money or time they will

they seam to make up rules at will