Aug 18, 2016

Why I'm running for Troutdale City Council

Why I'm running for Troutdale City Council, position #4:


Yes, Troutdale is slowly going broke. Our city has been deficit spending for many years. During this year's Troutdale budget sessions, the city's finance director advised that in five years, the city's reserves could be so low, it's possible the city may have to borrow money to pay its bills at that time.

The budget committee, which includes the city council, has kicked the deficit can down the road for the last ten years. It's time we lived within our means. I will work hard to make sure our city balances its budget. You and I have to to balance our personal budgets, It's time the city did the same!

Yes, our city council is broken. If you don't believe me, go to a Troutdale city council meeting or watch a meeting on TV. You'll see petty bickering, indecision, councilors raising their voices at each other.  THE MORE THEY TALK, THE LESS THEY SAY.

 It's embarrassing to see such a lack of professionalism and mutual respect from some of our elected officials! And it is not acceptable!

Right now,  some members of the city council seem like they're  more interested pursuing their own personal agendas instead of looking out for YOU, the Troutdale resident.

If elected, I will have a different agenda- to do my best to  professionally and respectfully represent the 16,000 Troutdale residents who deserve a  balanced city budget, well-maintained parks, safer streets, and opportunities for new business.

In closing, let me tell you the most important reason I'm running for Troutdale city council: I LOVE OUR TOWN!

Let me know what concerns you have about our town!

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