Jul 19, 2006

Riverview Restaurant: Fantastic!

I surprised my wife last night with dinner at Junki Yoshida's new restaurant, Riverview. It's just down the street from us. Talk about conveniently located! Riverview is currently open for just dinner, but you better call for reservations, it's quite busy every night.

Although the inside of the building is beautiful, we decided to sit outside next to the Sandy River, amongst the towering fir trees.I had cornish game hen, and my wife had tuna steak marinated in ginger soy sauce. The food was great in both presentation and flavor.

For dessert, the Mrs. had creme brule', and I had lemon cheesecake. Wow. Now that was some cheesecake. Perfection. Combining the great food with the whispering fir trees, it was the best kind of camping possible!

The service was fantastic, thanks to our waiter John. While talking with John, he told us he worked days at the always great Multnomah Falls Lodge restaurant. He was kind enough to recommend which tables had the best view of the falls. (And I'm not telling!)

If you're familiar with Troutdale, Riverview Restaurant is at the site of the old Hagar's pub at the foot of the Stark Street Bridge. If you're not familiar with Troutdale, just drive straight out on SE Stark until you can't go any further. Or just go to their web site for directions.


Sam Roberts said...

I was also impressed with Riverview Restaurant when my father & I dined there in mid-May.

But then a week later they only got a 75 on their Multnomah County Health Dept inspection! I'm expecting that since it was their first inspection, they just didn't have everything ironed out, and that their next inspection will be much improved.


Anonymous said...

the riverview restaurant is an overpriced farce of a restaurant. The food was bland and uninventive, the wine list was overpriced and slim, and the view of the river was uninspiring. The service was unprofessional and unexperienced. I will be recomending to all I know to stay away from this eyesore on the sandy river. Save your money and your palate for anything other then this place. It is horrible!

trish perrin said...

I quite agree with your positive comments about the Riverview restaurant. It's a lovely restaurant with excellent Eurasian dining selections. The service was first class. Our houseguests have also returned from dining there with very good comments. My only thoughts are that it would be nice if the dinner guests dressed up a little nicer to match the sophisticated decor; and I believe the "anonymous" person who totally panned the restaurant in this blog obviously has something else in mind with those comments, which I believe don't pertain to this restaurant at all.

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

trish,I agree. The food is anything but bland or uninventive. It's the best of the best.

The service has always been excellent for us.

But consider the source of the negative review. I wouldn't trust the opinion of any anonymous commenter. It's why I've banned anonymous comments from the blog.