Jul 25, 2006

Port of Portland: Intermodal in Troutdale is Off The Table!

I just received this great news:

From: Wyatt, Bill
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 3:54 PM
Subject: Update on Reynolds Industrial Site

The Port is currently in the process of purchasing a 700-acre industrial
property in East Multnomah County. Initially, we'd entered into the
purchase of this property with the possible goal of developing an intermodal
rail yard to serve Portland and Oregon's growing freight transportation
needs. After many conversations with community members, the Union Pacific
Railroad and elected officials, it is our assessment that the development of
an intermodal facility on the Reynolds site would not viable for at least a
Based on this assessment, we have made the decision to pursue development of
the Reynolds site as an industrial park only. The same attributes which
made this a potential site for an intermodal rail yard - large size,
location and proximity to existing transportation infrastructure - also
makes the property tremendously valuable as an industrial park. We expect
to finalize the purchase of the property this fall.
After taking ownership, we will continue to work with the cities of
Troutdale and Fairview, as well as Multnomah County, on how best to develop
this property for industrial uses. We will coordinate on transportation
improvements and continue to look for funding opportunities as we develop
this property in a way which balances the needs of the surrounding
communities with the needs of our region.

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K.R. Bents said...

Wouldn't it be a good idea to take Chip Humphrey up on his invitation (he is our local EPA guy) to host a town hall meeting re: the status of the cleanup of this superfund site and also The EPA's oversight of future development, not to mention liabilities arising post-development if toxins remain? He posted in "The Oregonian" last week his invitation. I have heard of no one from The 3 Cities accepting. We should. His ph# is 503-326-2678. His email address is: humphrey.chip@epa.gov .