Oct 19, 2016

Threats and Intimidation Don't Belong in Troutdale Politics

Threats and intimidation don't belong in Troutdale politics. Here is a press release from the WCGC member PAC describing what's happening:

TROUTDALE, OR—Below is a statement from the WCGC Members PAC regarding the actions of certain Troutdale City employees and Diane Castillo-White, wife of Troutdale City Councilor Glenn White.

“In recent days, deplorable actions taken by certain Troutdale city employees and Diane Castillo-White - wife of Troutdale City Councilor Glenn White –that have been occurring in and around Troutdale.  On Saturday October 15th, a flyer was left at various residences calling into question the funding of campaigns of Casey Ryan, John Wilson, Robert Canfield and Randy Lauer.  This flyer falsely accused them of accepting thousands of dollars from the PAC and related donors.  It should also be noted that this flyer appeared the same day that certain City employees were seen canvassing on behalf of their preferred candidates; namely Rich Allen, Glenn White, Corey Brooks and Zach Hudson.  The WCGC Members PAC strongly denies the allegations in the flyer and invites anyone interested to look at the ORESTAR campaign finance website to see where PAC money is actually being spent.

Further, as the City Council is the ultimate decision maker regarding compensation and benefits for City employees, we ask that the City conduct an investigation into the potentially wrongful conduct of their employees and demand that Councilors Allen, White, Brooks and Hudson be recused from any and all Council meetings regarding labor negotiations for as long as they are in office.  The perception of ‘pay for play’ between staff and elected officials is troubling, as further evidenced by the candidate forum being hosted tonight by the City employees labor union, and we urge City Manager Craig Ward and City Attorney Ed Trompke to investigate this potential violation of the public trust.

We are also disgusted at the repeated intimidation tactics being deployed by Diane Castillo-White, wife of Councilor Glenn White, in her desperate attempt to get her husband, Councilors Rich Allen and Corey Brooks along with Zach Hudson elected. Castillo-White is widely known for her chair-throwing, profanity-laced verbal assault of a sitting City Councilor during which she threatened to ‘get him’ earlier this year.  

Her intimidation tactics have now risen to bullying local businesses to remove signs placed legally by the Casey Ryan campaign.  She has allegedly threatened to organize a boycott of these businesses yet accuses the property owners of dividing the City.  The WCGC Members PAC strongly condemns these desperate actions and calls on Councilor White to accept responsibility for the actions of his campaign, apologize and remove her from further involvement.  Failing that, we call on City Manager Ward and City Attorney Trompke, along with Mayor Doug Daoust, to draft a censure resolution of Councilor White at the Troutdale City council meeting on Tuesday October 25th.

The WCGC Members PAC will be looking into any and all legal remedies in response to these egregious, desperate acts.”
Interim Troutdale City Councilor Corey Brooks (second from left) campaigning with current and former Troutdale City employees and Dianne Castillo-White (second from right).

(Disclaimer: I am running for Troutdale City Council, and have been endorsed by the WCGC.)

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