Nov 6, 2016

Your Vote Determines Progress Or Stagnation!

From Mayor Doug Daoust: Your vote will determine progress or stagnation:

"I have been the mayor of Troutdale the last four years. When I was elected, 70 percent of Worksthe voters put their trust in me to lead. Now I’m asking you to trust me again when I give you my opinion on who should be elected to council as I step aside.
I personally know all the candidates running this year. My recommendations are only based on the required skills, professionalism and attitudes of a good councilor, using experience working alongside many different people during my 20 years on council. Here it is: for mayor, Casey Ryan; for position No. 2, Randy Lauer; for position No. 4, Robert Canfield; for position No. 6, John Wilson.
If you want our city to keep moving forward, these are your people who will have the vision and right professional attitude. If you want our city to take some steps backward with developing our Urban Renewal Area, and put at risk the progress we’ve made in public safety, then the other four-pack slate of candidates may provide that for you.
I will always support whoever wins, but love and concern for the future of our community drives my honest opinion."
Doug Daoust

Mayor of Troutdale

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