Aug 23, 2007

No-Class KOIN Dumps Ed Whelan

After over 30 years of service, KOIN dumped Ed Whelan,one of Portland's favorite sports reporters. According to Oregon Media Insiders, Whelan was told his contract wasn't being renewed and was offered the option of going home immediately. Instead, as the true professional he is, Whelan stayed to do the 6pm and 11pm news before packing up his personal effects and going home. Management kept this a secret from staff, apparently.

No farewell announcement on the news. No video clips of Whelan's highlights and lowlights.No going away party. No acknowledgement from management on 30 years of faithful service to KOIN. Just a quick kicking to the curb. Ed Whelan deserved much better. Although disliked by a few, he was extremely popular with KOIN viewers, including me. He wasn't just another talking head. He always made watching sports fun.

So goodbye, Ed Whelan. You're the best. Farewell to the big and little daddies of football, the burnt biscuit award, and "nice seeing you again". To KOIN: You can say goodbye to this viewer. From relegating Mike Donahue to the early a.m., to canning Shirley Hancock and now Ed Whelan, you certainly know how to show viewers you have class.


Anonymous said...

Councilor Canfield,

I agree that the firing of Whelan was something that will never bring me back either to the classless KOIN, LLC.

I hope another station brings him on board, if for nothing more than doing Friday night football. My hope is KATU, who even though they brought on a second major sportscaster should bring on the big daddy for Friday nights and Sunday's.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm in the minority since I don't mind that Ed Whelan was fired from KOIN. I would turn the channel when he came on to my screen. But the firing should have been handled better.

Anonymous said...

Ed was a nice guy but I didn't enjoy his sportscast. I do believe that his departure could have been done better. Colin Cowherd was the best!