Jun 22, 2005

Parks System Development Charges

Next week, the Troutdale City Council will be holding a work session to discuss Parks SDC's. I requested that the City Council talk about this issue for the following reasons: I am concerned that increasing fire protection, PERS, health insurance, and parks maintenance costs will jeopardize the city's ability to maintain existing parks, let alone add new parks or greenspaces. I am also concerned about the effect of high SDC's on affordable home prices in Troutdale.

The argument will go something like this: The park lovers will say that we have to buy as much parkland as possible now, because once the land is gone, it's gone. The rest of the city councilors (myself included), would like to make parks decisions on what the city can afford to maintain, using a business case model.

Gresham's budget was so tight they were forced to close several parks this year. I'd hate to have this happen. I don't want Troutdale to go "A Park Too Far".

By the way, ask me about "Doug's Park".

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I'll try to make the meeting.