Jul 4, 2005

Troutdale Urban Renewal: A look back to 2002

Here's a blast from the past, and a reminder of how Troutdale voters feel about urban renewal (From the Oregonian, March 13, 2002, Metro East News):




TROUTDALE -- Voters said a loud "no" to urban renewal in their city in a
mail election that ended Tuesday. The decision may leave the city with no
money to dismantle a defunct sewage treatment plant in the center of town.

Voters rejected the urban renewal agency that the City Council unanimously
approved in November, with 1,451 voting no and 532 supporting
establishment of the agency, in nearly complete returns.

The vote was a victory for Roman York and his wife, Gail Thurber, who
testified at length against the urban renewal ordinance before it was
adopted in November and began the drive to put the issue on the ballot.

The renewal agency was to be a tool to clear the site and provide streets,
water, parking and other services to prompt development. The agency would
use bonds to pay for the work and use the taxes on the new development to
pay off the bonds.

The council envisioned additional stores and businesses on the site, as
well as a park and trail along the Sandy River and possibly an
interpretive center on the area's history and natural resources.

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