Jul 5, 2005

What a great weekend

Troutdale 1st Friday Artwalk!! My wife Tana and I enjoyed dinner with our good friends Mike and Kathy Goss, followed by dessert over at the Troutdale General Store. Then we ran into Hank Henry, who shared many stories about his experience in the Navy.

Saturday morning we stopped for breakfast at Bono's in Troutdale, and proprietors Frank and Marie blessed us with their excellent hospitality.

Sunday morning we dropped by the Troutdale General Store for cinnamon rolls and coffee, and we met Troy Evans and his wife. Who's Troy Evans? He's the guy who plays "Frank" the front desk guy on NBC's "ER". My wife Tana said he looked familiar and went up and asked if she'd ever met him. Troy said he got that a lot, we might know him as Frank on "ER". Cynical me, of course, says "Yeah sure." Troy says, in full "Frank" voice, "Why would I make up something like that?"

Anyway, they were a friendly pair (Troy's wife is a blacksmith!), and said they enjoyed their short visit to Troutdale.

The highlight of the weekend of course was yesteday, the glorious 4th of July. Pancake Breakfast at the Job Corps Center (Tana ran into her high school typing teacher); the Corbett Parade (I have to admit, it's a better parade than Troutdale's), and finally the great fireworks show at Corbett school.

I was so tired today at work, I was too pooped to even daydream!.

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