Nov 17, 2005

OH great Firefox why does IE suck?

After reading another blogger's revelation that his blog looked like crap when he opened it in IE (he was a Firefox user like myself), I opened up my blog in IE.. and it looks like total CRAP! WTF???

Great. Something else to troubleshoot. Anybody know a fix for this Firefox v. IE blogger formatting problem?


Chris Snethen said...

I have the opposite problem. The OLive blog tool only works in IE. And OLive really only works in IE. So my readers who use Firefox are pretty much SOL. Maybe I can send my Firefox users your way and vice versa. :)

Raymond Jenkins said...

I swore off IE about a year or so ago. I thought Firefox was the new savior. Now, recently (and not just me I have seen and heard others with the same problems) I have been having some problems with FF. Add on to that I I use a online wysiwig that I have to use both browsers to accomplish everything I need to. Lately I have been using Opera more and more. Things I have learned:
1.Firefox displays the best almost all the time. However it locks up frequently and then a process purge is needed.
2.Internet Explorer displays properly quite a bit of the time however its a broken piece of crapola.

3.Opera displays properly less often than either one however is kinda a cool and fun browser.

Like the old Huey Lewis and the News once said:
“I need a new browser, one that won't hurt my head, one that won't make my puter break, or end up dead....” or sumthin like that.

MAX Redline said...

I've used just about every browser built. They all have their pluses and minuses, but the one I use by far the most is SlimBrowser. It displays correctly, features tabbed browsing, imports IE bookmarks without a hiccup, and is generally quite stable.

Firefox, in my view, is overrated.