Nov 25, 2005

Wind Damage- An Annual Event

The roofer just left. We lost a lot of shingles as a result of the 30-40-50 mph winds that have been blowing for the last week. All through Thanksgiving dinner, we worried about the light drizzle coming down on those spots that were missing shingles. So today, we are very thankful that we found an available roofer so quickly. (Many thanks to our neighbor Keith Flint for pointing out our missing shingles and also for his referral to the roofer. Keith lost a lot more shingles than we did.)

We have experienced broken fences just about every winter, but it was the first time we have experienced roof damage. Most of our neighbors have experienced missing shingles over the years as a result of the gorge winds, so I guess our time had come. When a gust of the gorge wind has your name on it, you're going to get it.

Our roofer mentioned he was surprised that Troutdale didn't require the heavier laminated shingles instead of the light weight four tab (three tab? I don't know..I know nothing about roofing. .) shingles. This is something worth the investment of some research time.

The wind has stopped for the time being. It is so quiet! Come to think of it, that's what woke me up this morning..silence....

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