Dec 28, 2005

Let's Talk Garbage Rates

Did you know that Sandy's residential rates are a better deal than Troutdale's? Not only are Sandy's basic rates lower, they include the weekly yard debris pickup. Waste Management charges Troutdale and Gresham customers extra for the yard debris pickup.

Here is a rate comparison:

21/32 gallon: Troutdale 16.70, Sandy 15.50*, Gresham 18.15(20 gal)
35/32 gallon: Troutdale 19.00, Sandy 18.45*, Gresham 21.90
60/32 gallon: Troutdale 24.50,Sandy 29.55* (65 gallon), Gresham 28.75

*Hoodview Garbage(Sandy) includes the weekly yard debris in its basic rate. WasteManagement (Gresham, Troutdale) charges extra for the 32 gallon yard debris container.Gresham has more than one solid waste/recycling hauler.


Anonymous said...

I hope you will lead the effort to get us that better deal.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Gresham rate you cite INCLUDES yard debris. So to be fair, you should be using the $20.55 Troutdale rate for 35/32 gallon service (which includes yard debris collection) as your basis for comparison!

To add to your stats, Portland's rate for weekly 35/32 gallon service is $21.30 per month (including yard debris).

Anonymous said...

The primary reason that Sandy's rates are lower is that Hoodview's City of Sandy service is outside of METRO'S boundaries. As a result, they do not have to pay METRO'S disposal tonnage fees. Without the METRO disposal fees the cost of service is much less!