Dec 18, 2005

Road Conditions In Troutdale 6:50pm Sunday

257th is a skating rink. The same goes for Frontage Road. I was at Flying J to get gas, and witnessed two cars sliding out because they were going too fast making the turn into Flying J.

When I left Flying J and turned right on 257th, another car spun out in front of me while changing lanes. Going up the hill on 257th, a pickup was stopped near Troutdale Terrace, wheels spinning. They finally got going.

On the straightaway near Reynolds H.S., several people passed me going 45mph or faster. This is the reason I'm parking the Subaru at home and enjoying the rest of the evening inside. People, you need to SLOW DOWN under these conditions. You cannot possibly stop if you had to.

Stark Street eastbound and down the hill from 257th was slick but the traffic was very light. However, the intersection of 257th & Stark was very dangerous, largely again due to people driving too fast for the icy road conditions. Cars were sliding and skidding while turning at the intersection.

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