Jan 26, 2006

If A Man Can't Be Trusted With A Load Of Manure. . .

Fellow Troutdale City Councilor Barbara Kyle shared with me this great letter to the editor from the January 19 the LaGrande Observer:

"To the Editor:
I have lived in Union for more than 50 years. Our city government has had its struggles, as I am sure all small towns have. There are always a few who believe their lot in life is to stir up dissension.

A couple of years ago we, the people of Union, had some elected leaders who chose to usurp all power and disregard the constituents. As a result of the democratic process we got rid of the bad apples.

We elected new council members and a new mayor that we felt would do what was right for Union, and I still believe we made the right choice. Now the bad apples are doing all they can to prevent our elected officials from doing their jobs.

The troublemakers would like us to believe they can be trusted to handle the affairs of Union. Well I know better. I had a personal experience with one of them. One recalled, ex-councilor called me to see if he could get some barnyard manure for his garden.

I had reservations about doing business with him, but agreed to sell him the two loads he said he wanted for $10 per load. He showed up and I loaded him the first load. He said he would go unload and be right back for the second load and pay for both loads. That was last spring. He has not been back to get the second load or to pay for the one he took.

My reason for sharing this with you is to warn you. The next time this group tries to convince you they can be trusted with the business of Union, just remember that if a man can't be trusted with a load of manure how can he be trusted with the affairs of the city of Union?

Earl Graham

To the folks in Troutdale: If you hear any politicians, elected officials, city staff, property owners or civic leaders say "trust me", take Earl Graham's advice and heed his warning. And that's no bull.

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