May 16, 2006

Anti-Sprawl Advocates: Pretentious Elitists

"As comfort spreads, blame the other guy". Here's a link to an article by Robert Bruegmann about the elitist opposition to sprawl, and how urban sprawl isn't the Frankenstein claimed by the folks at Metro.

FrontPage :: Slandering Sprawl by Robert Bruegmann:

"When asked, most Americans declare themselves to be against sprawl, just as they say they are against pollution or the destruction of historic buildings. But the very development that one individual targets as sprawl is often another family's much-loved community. Very few people believe that they themselves live in sprawl, or contribute to sprawl. Sprawl is where other people live, particularly people with less good taste. Much anti-sprawl activism is based on a desire to reform these other peoples lives."
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