Aug 17, 2006

Troutdale City Council race update

Perennial candidate and former Troutdale city councilor Pat Smith has filed to run against incumbent city councilor Norm Thomas.

Matt Wand, a Troutdale Budget Committee member and attorney, has filed to run against incumbent city councilor Barbara Kyle.

Former city councilor and mayoral candidate Jim Kight has filed for councilor Chris Gorsek's position. Gorsek isn't running for re-election, so this is an open race.

The filing deadline in Troutdale is August 29, so there's plenty of time for others to jump in. . .

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Anonymous said...

I have known PATRICIA SMITH for over 56 years. I have known her to be a good friend, honest, outgoing and for the underdog. She is not afraid of work nor afraid of rolling up her sleeves to get the job done. She has a good background with a very educated and intelligent family. She was always first in line when a need arose and was there to work. She was always a friend and never judged no matter what the problem was. She was there to listen and make things better. I feel TROUTDALE will be getting the cream of the crop at her election. SHE IS NUMBER ONE !!!...and deserves your vote if you feel you do want the VERY BEST !!! Patti Miller