Aug 26, 2006

Verizon's FiOS Now In Gresham, Soon In Troutdale

Here's some good news from the PR newswire:

Verizon customers can experience breathtaking high-speed Internet access as the company expands its Verizon FiOS (FYE'-ose) suite of Internet services to Gresham.

FiOS services are now available to approximately 500 customers in Gresham, and Verizon will soon offer FiOS services in additional areas of Gresham and Troutdale. The company plans to pass 16,000 homes with its FTTP (fiber-to-the premises) network by year-end in east Multnomah County. FTTP technology utilizes fiber-optic connections -- instead of copper wire -- directly into homes and businesses to enable a broad array of voice, data and video applications.
(From the PR newswire- click on the link below for the complete story)

Verizon Brings Hyper-Fast Internet Connections to Gresham Customers

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Anonymous said...

Great. I hope it is in Troutdale by year-end (and available at my house).

Anonymous said...

Even though FiOS Internet is available, the city of Gresham isnt allowing Verizon to activate FiOS Tv. Reasons unknown.