Oct 8, 2006

Bridezilla Hates Public Restroom's Color? Repaint It Yourself!

The Mrs. and I were at an event this afternoon at Troutdale's Glen Otto Park and ended up hearing a great story from the park's resident caretakers.

Earlier this year, some folks rented the Sam Cox building inside the park for a wedding. During the morning of the event, the caretakers stopped by the building to check up on the wedding preparations. When they entered the building and passed by the restrooms inside, they were shocked to see someone painting the restroom walls and floors with white paint. The unauthorized painter was doing a lousy job, leaving uncovered spots throughout the restroom. Even worse, children were running in and out of the restrooms, tracking white paint throughout the building.

When the caretakers asked what was going on, they were told the wedding party didn't like the color of the restrooms or the interior of the building. They wanted everything to be white.

The wedding party reluctantly agreed to remove all of the white paint from the walls and floor, but not before claiming that some of the unauthorized painting was done by someone else.

We have the greatest park caretakers. I had no idea they had to put up with people like this.

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Anonymous said...

If they didn't like the colors, why'd they rent the place?