Nov 9, 2006

Council Race Turnaround: Marianne Vier by 5 votes

After being behind by 38 votes Wednesday, Troutdale City Council candidate Marianne Vier has pulled ahead of her opponent, ex-city councilor Jim Kight. "Final Unofficial" results from Multnomah County elections show the following:

City Council, Position No. 1 CITY OF TROUTDALE
Jim Kight, 2017 votes, 49.70%
Marianne Vier, 2022 votes, 49.83%
WRITE-IN 10 votes, .47%

Five votes. This could change, however. During my successful city council race against Pat Smith two years ago, I lost about 15 votes between the "Final Unofficial" tally and the "Final Official" tally.

1 comment:

Vonski said...

Wow, close one! I always wonder who the write-in votes are cast for.