Nov 8, 2006

Good George W / Bad George W


Went to the Republican election parties downtown. Watched Republicans get hammered nationwide on multiple TV screens. Watched Oregon Republicans get hammered on multiple TV screens. Came home. In what was a perfect sense of election night timing, our dog George W. leaves us with a very rare bowel-emptying mess of volcanic proportions. But he's still a good dog. Only one mess every couple of years. Good dog, George.

Bad George W.
Kind of fitting that our dog George W. demonstrated the big mess the human George W. deposited on Republicans which includes his flawed policy in Iraq, liberally high deficit spending, and cowardly no-show on illegal immigration policy. To add to this mess, George W. gets rid of Rumsfeld TODAY? What about last week, last month, or last year to get rid of his nonperforming Secretary of D.?? At least it only took a few hours to clean up the dog's mess. It will take years to clean up the bigger mess the Democrats are sure to make now that they're in charge.

Thanks, George W.

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