Nov 1, 2006

Don't Worry, Troutdale Still Blows

The cold east wind is now blowing here in Troutdale. Since late last night it has been blowing steadily at 20-25mph with gusts to 35mph. Check out Troutdale's hourly weather observations HERE.Last night I was awakened by a severe wind gust that shook the house.

We had our official furnace turning-on ceremony over the weekend. The Mrs. began the ritual bungee-cording of our garbage can to the tree this morning. Some people in Troutdale use hooks, some use trees, and some just let their garbage can enter the PDX approach path. If I remember correctly, the FAA has given Troutdale garbage cans priority air clearance over other incoming flights.

But we love the Troutdale wind. Except when it takes shingles off our house. Or when it breaks a 4X4 post on my fence. Or when the garbage guy forgets to re-bungee our garbage can.

A small price to pay in order to live in the best town in Oregon!

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