Nov 28, 2006

Troutdale Budget Committee Ok's Another Police Officer

The Troutdale budget committee tonight unanimously passed a recommendation that the city council hire another police officer from contingency funds in the current 2006-07 budget. After a compelling presentation on the critical need for another officer by Public Safety Advisory Committee chair Mike Goss and Troutdale Police Chief David Nelson, the budget committee voted to get a head start in staffing an additional officer. The budget committee also recommended continued funding for one officer position for the proposed 2007-08 budget.

The first position funded immediately out of the current budget is for a new officer. The second position proposed for funding in 2007-08 would pay for an existing officer position that's currently funded via a grant that expires in 2007. Hire one, pay for two.

I'll post more information about Troutdale's current financial position tomorrow.

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