Jan 7, 2007

January 9 Council Meeting Should Be a Quickie

This Tuesday's council meeting should be a quick one. Prior to the council meeting, there will be a reception and swearing in ceremony for councilors Norm Thomas, Barbara Kyle and Jim Kight beginning at 6pm.

The limited agenda for the 7pm council meeting includes:

- Election of the 2007 council president.

- A resolution providing for appropriation of funds for an additional police officer from the 2006-07 budget. (Proposed by Troutdale's budget committee in November.)

- Resolutions for accepting right of way deeds.

- A resolution approving an amended city attorney employment agreement.(City attorney Marnie Allen requested a reduction in hours from 30 to 20 hours per week. The amended employment agreement will reflect the reduction in pay and other changes.)

Dean Kampfer from Waste Management is scheduled to give a report on a recent solid waste survey.

What a nice way to start the new year... short and sweet.

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