Mar 14, 2007

OOPS! Wood Village Fred Meyer 12,000SF Too Big

Ever add 12,000 square feet to your new building when no one's looking? It looks like Fred Meyer's Wood Village store, built in the late 1990's, got away with it.

According to the Gresham Outlook, Wood Village city staff didn't notice the increased square footage until this year, when they began studying a land use application for a Goodyear Tire store.

From the Outlook article: "At 148,707 square feet, the grocery store is nearly 12,000 feet larger than the original application submitted in the late 1990's, which called for a 137,000 square-foot structure."


Anonymous said...

I can see why you have know comments. You delitecoments not to your likings. why bother having this web site?

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

The rules regarding comments are posted clearly at the top of my blog. Anonymous comments and ad hominem attacks tend to be deleted.

Anonymous comments come from cowards, and have no place on this blog. If you were truly interested in a legitimate dialogue, you wouldn't post anonymously.

In any event, hiding behind your "anonymous" identity isn't so anonymous. Like most bloggers, I track the IP address of everyone who visits.

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