Jul 31, 2007

Political Fear And Loathing In Ashland

"At a city council meeting earlier this year, Mayor John Morrison clearly had enough with Ashland resident Art Bullock. So much so that he wouldn't allow him to address the council for a second time that evening."

The Ashland Daily Tidings today has a story about Ashland resident Art Bullock. Regarding Bullock, The Daily Tidings wrote, "
Some regard him as the most toxic element in the city's ever-devolving political discussion. They say he is not above lying to achieve his objectives, and uses the law — and lawsuits — to intimidate elected and appointed officials."

In the article, many of Bullock's detractors claim that although he insists on transparency in local government, Bullock shrouds his own life in secrecy. According to the article,

"Though Bullock advocates for open government, his personal life is a mystery to even his supporters. He does not have a driver's license, and is not registered to vote in Oregon, under his stated name. One Ashlander who has been accused of improper actions by Bullock hired a private detective to find out more about him."

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