Jul 18, 2007

Parks SDC Increase Outrage

Unless somone changes their mind, there are probably enough votes on the Troutdale City Council to DOUBLE our parks SDC's (System Development Charges) from $3600 to $7565. The higher figure was proposed by Troutdale's Park Advisory Committee. If approved this will be an outrageous, unreasonable increase.

Our existing parks SDC of $3600 is already higher than Gresham ($3185), Forest Grove ($3000), Wilsonville ($2451), Cornelius ($2143), Milwaukie ($2078), Fairview ($1315, Wood Village ($0), and Gladstone ($0).

Fortunately, the city council was unanimous in rejecting a non-residential "index" SDC of $258 per employee for new businesses coming into Troutdale.

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