Aug 3, 2007

The Anti-Semitism Of DailyKos

"The DailyKos is closer to Tammany Hall than MySpace. But instead of handing out turkeys at Thanksgiving for votes the dozens of commentators on the DailyKos are driven by ideological passion and then some. And anti-Semitism is a significant source of that zeal.

Don't take my word for it. Ask Eyal Rosenberg who resigned as a diarist for the DailyKos on May 9 after in his words "all the Israel Hate spewing out of one too many diaries around here." As he wrote in his last post: "with this last post: Reading these past months on dkos has led me to believe that people here, under the 'progressive' banner, support views that end up in one place: Me dead."

Read the complete editorial from the Washington Times here.

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