Aug 10, 2007

The Great Aluminum Conspiracy!!

Forget about the 9/11 conspiracy! Here's a REAL conspiracy bandwagon to jump on!
In response to an article, "Jacob's Creek Goes Fully Screwcap" at, aluminum biochem expert Chris Exley of Keele University suggested an "aluminum conspiracy".

In his online response, Exley wrote,
"It is no surprise that one of Australia's largest producers of wine is converting to aluminium screw caps. Within the developed world Australia is one of the last great strongholds of the International Aluminium Industry, an industry with immense lobbying power both within the Australian government and within the Australian wine writers fraternity."

"Congratulations once again to the aluminium industry. They will succeed in bringing yet another product to market which has not undergone any independent assessment of its potential danger to human health. Drinking any beverage from any container which uses aluminium in its packaging will result in some of that aluminium contaminating the product and hence contaminating the brain of the consumer. Drinking wine which is stored under aluminium screw caps will put aluminium into your brain. . ."

Meanwhile, in another part of the internetosphere, responding to a post on, of all things, "John Travolta Sues His Own Airport", a reader posted, "Well, fortunately and thanks to lots of diligent netsters and sim pilots,
the (aluminum conspiracy) backlash is coming. For example the Alcoa/Reynolds Aluminum factory
next to Troutdale Airport has been destroyed. FIGHT THE POWER!

Great conspiracy stuff. It just smacks of the truth, doesn't it? Definitely something Rosie O'Donnell, Janeane Garafolo, and Portland Indymedia can sink their teeth into.

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