Aug 24, 2007

Late Night With Blog

Just finished some work-related paperwork, Joy, joy, yay. *Yawn*. The window's open. A cool 1am breeze wafts in, which is then spread across the back of my neck with the ceiling fan. Our dog just lifted his head up at my feet. He's wondering when I'm going to bed, so he can start sleeping on the comfy end of the bed and not the floor, with his head resting on the chair's feet. Hey, dog, it's not MY fault you fell asleep in that position.

Yesterday, somehow the dog was able to sneak into our bedroom a giant head-sized cow bone joint that he's been working on for the past two years in our back yard. The Mrs. and I have no idea how he snuck it past us- unless he's figured out how to turn door knobs. Boy, was he UNHAPPY when we took it away from him and tossed its grossness back outside. But he's a good boy. He never growls, never snarls. He just wants it BACK!

We went to the Fairview farmer's market again Thursday night for dinner. One of the vendors makes great tamales. So that's what we had. And lemonade. The blues band at the farmer's market was decent this time.

The city councilor packet for Tuesday's meeting was waiting for us when we got home. Inside in the mail pouch was yet another letter from a Troutdale resident with a complaint about a noisy neighbor. When someone takes the time to type and mail a real letter, I pay extra attention, big time. I appreciate the time, effort, and underlying frustration it takes to write to your city elected officials. Thank you, Ms. citizen. Your letter is welcome. I understand what you're going through. For the Mrs. and I a few years ago, it was a dog. A barking dog all day and night next door. For several years. It was a sweet dog. But barking all night, every night? We're glad that problem was taken care of.

It takes It seems like we've received a lot of these this summer. Between me and you and our noise code, I'm thinking we're going to be making some changes to that noise code in the very near future. From too-loud McMenamins concerts, to too-loud stereo playing, engine revving, all-night kid playing neighbors, Troutdale has its share of unresolved conflicts. We do have East Metro mediation available. They've been successful with neighbor complaints in the past. I still don't know about this summer, though. Maybe there's something in the Troutdale water.

Hmm. The dog just plopped down in a sleep heap at my feet. Complete with a long dog sigh. I bet if I wait just a few minutes, and he'll be fast asleep, dreaming away, his paws will start twitching and moving like they do when dogs dream. I love watching him when he does that. 80 pounds of dog dreamin', paw twitchin' slumber.

I have no idea why I'm still writing this particular blog entry. Except it's quiet, the breeze feels awesome, It's very peaceful. Ok that's it. Almost 1:30am. I'm done.

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