Aug 2, 2007

Swamped Is As Swamped Does

Thanks goodness Tuesday night's city council meeting will be the last one until August 28. Because I've been swamped with work related, well, work! No time to blog. But just for fun, I'll do a free flow, whatever pops into my mind blog entry now. And here we go.

The Oregon House Republicans seem to be in disarray. Karen Minnis, not running for re-election. Wayne Scott, not running for re-election. With the Democrat barbarians at the gate, so to speak, this doesn't look good for Oregonians. Coyote over at NW Republican covers the disastrous Democrat dominated 2007 Oregon Legislature, which can give us an idea what we're in for during the next session.

Over in Gresham, there's an open city council seat. The Gresham Outlook covers the story here.
According to the Outlook, there are four Greshamites who have expressed interest:

-John Kilian, a Troutdale dentist and Gresham resident

-David Widmark, a former Gresham planning commissioner, city councilor and Mt. Hood Community College board member.

-Tom Giusto, a local real estate broker.

-Jenni Simonis, a local web site designer and lefty activist. Simonis, being a web site designer, has her campaign site up and running at At that site, Simonis writes, "Currently, the majority of our city council members live in the same area of town -- almost all of them in the same precinct (the central portion of the city south of Division). In a city like Gresham, it is very important that we have geographical diversity on our council. Each neighborhood within the city is different than the others -- the sourther areas in the buttes are quite unlike the NW neighborhoods in Rockwood or the NE neighborhoods near the college and hospital. Traffic issues, crime, neighborhood complaints, etc. all vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, and it is important that we account for this on our council."

Meanwhile, over at moonbat lefty site Loaded Orygun, Simonis wrote, "Since it is a non-partisan position, I tried to keep my partisan politics out of the explanation of my involvement in the community as much as possible."

What a concept! City councils that are nonpartisan. That's a hoot! That thought made me laugh! So, to finish up this meandering blog entry, enjoy some classic Rodney Dangerfield. Enjoy the rest of your week!



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