Aug 2, 2007

Medford Mail-Tribune Ships Cust. Svc. Offshore

According to reader comments at the online version of the Medford Mail-Tribune, the newspaper's customer service is now being handled out of The Philippines. The reader posted this: "We didn't receive our paper Monday morning (along with several others on our street). Called to complain and spoke with someone in the Philippines who was way less than concerned, and was told we would receive it later in the day. 4:00, still nothing. Called again and was told we would receive it the next morning. Never did, so I called and talked to a John Molholyn at the MT...he said the outsourcing was the brain-child of Ottaway. "

Ottoway Community Newspapers is the parent company of the Mail-Tribune and the Ashland Daily Tidings. Ottoway, in turn, is a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company, which is apparently being purchased by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

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