Oct 16, 2007

Multnomah County's Own Berlin Wall?

"I had a delivery up in the west hills today in the Skyline area right along the county line, and came across an unexpected hazard: Multnomah County seems to have permanently closed a pretty good number of residential streets crossing over from Washington County by installing padlocked gates and planters right at the county line, though the streets are open on both sides of the gate."
Over at damnportlanders on livejournal, Baloo wrote about this interesting phenomenon.

Is this some kind of road maintenance feud between Washington County and Multnomah County? Or is Multnomah County following in the footsteps of East Germany, trying to prevent its residents from leaving East Berlin to more capitalist-friendly climates in the West? (Just kidding. Of course.)

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eeldip said...

i always assumed it had to do with multnomah county requiring a certain number of thru streets, and developers closing them off to maximize "dead end homes" profits...

so they put up gates in washington county, at the line.