Nov 8, 2007

I Pulled Off The Murder Scene Cold Call Prank Tonight

I got a call from "Maria" with Wyndham Resorts tonight, telling me I won a free weekend. I was able to prank her for quite a while, based on this prank I first heard on YouTube. This was the most fun I've had all week!!

Do I feel bad for doing this? Absolutely not. This same company called me last night and I told them to take me off their lead list. "Maria" tonight barely spoke English, She pronounced "Wyndham" incorrectly. She mispronounced my name. She got stuck on her script even before I began the prank. By the way, Wyndham uses a call center in the Philippines to make these annoying sales calls.


Anonymous said...

can you tell us the rest of the story

MAX Redline said...

Heh! That's a classic! Thank goodness for YouTube (sometimes). I dredged it up today because a guy was all upset about telemarketers. I remembered this bit, found it - seemed like a good way to cheer him up a bit.