Nov 5, 2007

M49/M50 White Noise

I read something funny yesterday. "Republicans know there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Democrats think that even if there were a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it probably belongs to the government." I don't know where I read it. But with only a glance, I remembered that one line. It made an impact. Compare that with the drivel we're being fed by these M49/M50 campaigns.

I have no interest in this election. . I already read, watched, listened to, talked about the pros and cons of and cast my votes regarding Measure 49 and Measure 50. Both sides of both ballot measures are running commercials that, if I described them as insipid, vapid, or bland, I'd be insulting the concept of insipid.

If I read one more blog that blames poor land use decisions made by local governments on Measure 37, I think I'll puke. If I see one more Measure 50 ad proclaiming it's "all about the children", I'll start wishing that maybe we could solve juvenile delinquency by forcing law-breaking children to watch these TV ads. But I think that would be called child abuse.

Our mailbox has been stuffed with pro/anti/they're lying/ no, THEY'RE LYING/ Tobacco companies are evil/ Republicans are Evil/ Democrats are evil/they're greedy, no, THEY'RE Greedy... for crying out loud. What a waste of full color, two-sided, folded paper products. And you people say you care about the environment.

You know what I'd like in the mail? At this point, I'm easy. Want my vote next time? Don't send me a glossy brochure filed with "The sky is falling" rhetoric. Send me a box of chocolates. That's right. Send me a toothpaste sample. Send me one of those little sewing kits, you know, the ones that insurance agents send to you on your birthday. Send me a coupon for a free 5-pound bag of dog food. Or better yet, offer to come over and cook dinner for the Mrs. and me. Now THAT kind of political campaigning will make you stand out from the other DRIVEL that's drowning our mailbox.

It all boils down to this: Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under socialism, it's the other way around. (I read that in MAD Magazine as a kid. SEE? I remembered it) Get a clue, campaign strategists. You don't have it, probably never had it. I wish I could suggest you hire some professional writers, but unfortunately, they're all out on strike right now.

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Scottiebill said...

Have you ever noticed that whenever the local fish wrappers, in our case the O and/or the Columbian, always endorse candidates that they want in office,usually liberal Dems, or their favorite issues passed, in Saturday editions so that the candidates or supporters of the other side of the issues do not have any chance to rebut their endorsements? So much for "fair and balanced".