Nov 21, 2007

Troutdale Raises Garbage Rates

Last week, the Troutdale City Council voted to give Waste Management a new multi-year exclusive franchise. In addition, residential rates were increased by about 20%, and Commercial rates were increased by about 30%. I was the lone "NO" vote for the rate increases.

The good news is, we also decided unanimously to change everyone to mandatory rollcarts for garbage, recycling, and yard debris. To combat the problems with loose garbage/recycling during Troutdale's windy winter days (like today), Waste Management agreed to provide connected bungee-style "Closers" to keep rollcart lids CLOSED, even if the wind tips them over.

Both the rate increases and the new rollcart system will probably become effective in March, 2008. If you're interested in seeing the new rates, e-mail me (robert(NOSPAM)(AT)robertcanfield(DOT)com , and I'll e-mail you a PDF of the new rates.

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