Nov 28, 2007


Interesting day today, or should I say yesterday. For crying out loud it's 1:30 in the morning. Ok Yesterday. Interesting day. Last night's Troutdale city council meeting was very wonkish. Zoning map changes. Subdivisions. Comprehensive plan changes. Public hearing. McMenamins. Reynolds School District. Lawyers. Planners. People who talk too much. People who don't need to say anything at all. One cup of coffee, one cup of water, and a leftover turkey sandwich for dinner.

One particular Troutdale city councilor wants to have a work session about locking up spray paint. So I guess we'll talk about that sometime in the future. I say let's lock up taggers, and leave the spray paint on the store shelves.

Chatted with a couple of my fellow city councilors after the meeting outside city hall. We talked about local politics. What else?

Got home just in time to watch a little "Dancing with the Stars". The Mrs. thought it would be good for me. So we watched a little TV.

Then our daughter called and I talked with her for a long time. A couple hours, at least! And that, my friends, is what made today a GREAT, FANTASTIC day. We talked about 657 things, which was awesome. How about that!

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