Dec 13, 2007

Troutdale Library: Thriftway Site Thumbs Down?

Sources tell me that the Multnomah County Commission has eliminated the Troutdale Marketplace (old Thriftway location) from contention as a potential site for the new Troutdale Library. The limited 10-12 year time period available for leasing the space was apparently a factor. That's the remaining time left on the Lambs's Thriftway lease, which was the location being considered. I think the high cost of relocating the library after only 12 years probably weighed heavily on the County's decision. I also heard from other sources that the property owner, Kimco Realty, wasn't returning the County's phone calls. (By the way, Kimco Realty's web site says the entire Troutdale Marketplace property is for sale. You can download their "Investment Offering Memorandum " here.)

Troutdale's Sandee Palisades and Sweetbriar neighborhoods which are adjacent to the Troutdale Marketplace location will surely be disappointed in this decision. Many of them expressed support for the Thriftway site at the October 29 public meeting hosted by County Commissioner Lonnie Roberts and Library Director Molly Raphael.

This leaves the downtown Troutdale "Discovery Block" and the 257th & Columbia River Highway "Gateway Corner" as remaining candidates.

As I've mentioned before, and contrary to what some people believe, I have no preference regarding the location of Troutdale's new library.

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